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The Global Compact Iraq Network was established in October 2011 as an initiative of UNDP and the Government of Iraq Council of Ministers (COMSEC). The number of UN Global Compact participants in Iraq increased significantly in the months before and after the launch of the network, resulting in a 400% increase in 2011 alone.

The network Steering Committee was elected through a transparent and democratic election process, taking into consideration criteria of inclusiveness by sector, geographic location and gender. The Secretariat of the Iraq Network is currently co-hosted by COMSEC and UNDP Iraq, in coordination with the Network Representative.

Mission: The Iraq Network secretariat aims to act as a focal point for Iraqi signatories of the UN Global Compact by providing a platform for public-private partnerships and dialogue in Iraq. The network is committed to raising responsible business standards, improving the reputation of the country in the business world, and fostering collective action within the private sector and civil society towards greater implementation of the UN Global Compact principles in Iraq.

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