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Founded in 2002, the Global Compact Nordic Network is comprised of business signatories of the UN Global Compact from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Greenland. The network meets biannually for discussions, under Chatham House Rules, aimed at fostering mutual learning. The network is business-driven and requires that the majority of its members be from the private sector. In January 2012 the network began allowing non-business signatories to join and subsequently will decide whether to permanently remain a multistakeholder network. Governance of the network is handled by a contact person appointed for a two-year term by the Steering Committee, which is made up of one to two business representatives from each Nordic country and national coordinators.

Objectives: The main objective of the Nordic Network is to provide a relevant learning platform and a valuable forum for inspiration and exchanging of experiences. Another important role is promoting the UN Global Compact by facilitating collective action and policy dialogue. Encouraging companies to engage at the local level supports their implementation of the Global Compact principles and strengthens their relationships with other Nordic signatories.

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