Set climate change targets that matter.

Set Science-Based Emission Reduction Targets

If your company has taken steps to set ambitious climate goals, you’re already on your way toward promoting a more sustainable future. But while it’s good to set ambitious goals, it’s also important to ground those goals in scientific realities.

You can use science-based target setting to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and limit global warming to less than 2º C. Methods to set science-based targets use economic and/or physical activity measures to allocate GHG emission reduction efforts among companies.

Take a science-based pledge

Join other companies in committing to align your corporate voluntary greenhouse gas reduction targets with climate science.

As part of this commitment, companies are asked to:

  1. Pledge to adopt a science-based absolute emissions or an absolute emissions intensity reduction target
  2. Develop and disclose this target within 24 months after making the pledge

Companies that make the pledge will receive a day of general technical support from a technical working group. This will help you set targets appropriately, and validate that your target is science-based.

To learn more about how to set a science-based target, visit

Caring for Climate offers this initiative in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project, World Resources Institute and the World Wildlife Fund.

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