Joining forces against corruption.

Anti-Corruption Collective Action

One company’s actions, while critical, are not enough to end corruption. Companies must join forces with governments, community-based organizations, NGOs and other businesses to act collectively against corruption.

Collective Action allows companies to:

  • Create deeper understanding of corruption issues
  • Consolidate knowledge and financial and technical resources to achieve greater impact
  • Create solutions that are perceived as more credible, acceptable and are more sustainable
  • Help ensure fair competition and a level playing field for all stakeholders
  • Create a more stable and enabling business environment
  • Compliment existing anti-corruption efforts in vulnerable regions and sectors, where industry or government-led regulations are not robust

Forms of Collective Action:

  • Integrity Pacts: An Integrity Pact is a short-term, project-or transaction-specific formal agreement between a customer (usually a public entity) and a bidder (usually a company), in which the parties agree to adhere to a fair and transparent public procurement bidding process (Developed by Transparency International)
  • Anti-Corruption Declarations: Anti-Corruption Declarations are short-term, project- or transaction-specific statements of intent to ensure compliance with anti-corruption commitments. Companies, governments and/or sub-contractors can all be signatories of an Anti-Corruption Declaration
  • Certifying Business Coalitions: Certifying Business Coalitions can be applicable to a country, region or sector. To join, a company must show a clear commitment to anti-corruption principles and adhere to ethical business standards. Regular independent audits and monitoring processes ensure compliance
  • Principle-Based Initiatives: Principle-Based Initiatives promote the integration of transparent business practices in a country's corporate culture in a sustainable and long-term manner
  • Education and training: Education and training can be conducted as part of Collective Action, and are critical to raising awareness and building capacity to fight corruption

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