Make peace a part of management education.

Join the Peace and Management Education Group

The UN Global Compact and Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) invite companies, academics and practitioners to join the PRME-Business for Peace (B4P) Workstream. The Workstream was created to encourage continuous, applied research that will provide tools for incorporating Business for Peace into management education.

PRME-B4P Workstream works towards three main goals:

  • Awareness-raising: Special emphasis on identifying opportunities for collaboration further establishing the business case for peace
  • Developing research projects: Creating resources focused on business contributions to peace, including case studies and curriculum for management education and practitioners in the field
  • Expanding networks: Engaging companies, academic institutions and other stakeholders through opportunities such as PRME Regional Meetings and select Global Compact Networks events

If you are interested in joining the PRME-B4P Workstream, please contact Theresa Heithaus, Coordinator, PRME Workstreams, at

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