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The Blueprint for SDG Leadership

Why The Blueprint for SDG Leadership?

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets ambitious goals and targets across all dimensions of sustainable development and calls on business to play a leading role. Yet, one year after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is not a clear understanding of what the minimum expectations to business are and no uniform definition of business leadership for the different goals. Further, it is still unclear to many companies how the SDGs in practice relate to existing sustainability principles, standards and commitments.

In collaboration with various UN entities and initiatives, the United Nations Global Compact is inviting leading companies to be part of developing a Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs. The Blueprint will set a high bar, but we know it can be done - and that the stakes are high too. The business opportunities related to the SDGs are worth many trillions, and can be captured by leaders. But more fundamentally, business cannot succeed unless people and planet are thriving. This requires that the world is on a path to meet all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Without leadership to inspire the transformation of the way business is done today, businesses, people and planet all lose.

Join The Blueprint for SDG Leadership platform to:
  • Define business leadership for the SDGs, in collaboration with UN agencies, civil society actors, and leading businesses
  • Understand the steps that your company cal already take to differentiation itself as a leader for the SDGs

Platform Activities

Over the course of a year, participants in The Blueprint for SDG Leadership platform will have access to a variety of activities including:

Monthly calls with the multi-stakeholder Task Team, shaping The Blueprint's development and content

Participation in a global survey of leadership practices that dives into geographic and sectoral differences

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