Redefining SDG Leadership in a Post-COVID-19 World (in Chinese)


This webinar is conducted in chinese only

Kofi Annan said – “You are never too young to lead and you should never doubt your capacity to triumph where others have not”. We need to empower a new generation of leaders that embody the right set of values and principles to transform our world. More than ever, we are charting unknown territory. In a post-COVID-19 world, how do we transition leadership cultures, values, practices and incentives to fast-track the necessary recovery so we build back better and recover stronger – from business school to Boardroom?

Join us for the launch of a new study on Leadership for the Decade of Action from the UN Global Compact and Russell Reynolds Associates, and hear perspectives from thought leaders and change agents on the need for a new type of leaders to build back better and recover stronger.


  • 10 mins – Welcome & Opening, UNGC
  • 15 mins – Paper insights sharing, RRA
  • 45 mins – Panelists sharing
  • 15 mins – Q&A, RRA Moderate
  • 5 mins – Closing Remarks, UNGC


  • Ms. Meng Liu, Head of Asia Pacific Networks of UNGC
  • Ms. Grace Cheng, Greater China Country Manager of Russell Reynolds Associates

Conversation structure:

  • What has motivated you to engage in the topic of sustainability?
  • What has the journey been like for you to address sustainability? In your experience, what are the initiatives and successes that you are most proud of, that address sustainability problems?
  • How have you ensured that your sight and ambition around these issues is consistently delivered through a very large organisation?
  • Are there particular skills and experiences that the executives who understand this best have in common? What are the attributes do you believe are important for leaders to drive sustainability into strategy? 





为了能够使中国企业及其他相关方群体更好的了解该报告的研究成果,并帮助企业打造能够推动联合国可持续发展目标早日实现的关键领导力,联合国全球契约组织与罗盛咨询将于9月1日上午10:00-11:30 联合举办《实现行动十年计划的关键领导力特质》网络研讨会活动暨报告中文版线上发布活动。

 开场致辞:刘萌女士,联合国全球契约组织亚太区总代表(10分钟)
 报告解读:程原女士,罗盛咨询大中华区董事总经理(15分钟)
 圆桌对话:可持续发展领域企业家代表(45分钟)
 互动问答(15分钟)
 报告正式发布及结束语:刘萌女士,联合国全球契约组织亚太区总代表(5分钟)

 联合国全球契约组织亚太区总代表刘萌女士
 罗盛咨询大中华区董事总经理程原女士
 远大科技集团董事长兼总裁张跃先生
 隆基股份创始人兼总裁李振国先生
 中智集团纪委书记朱岚女士

 是什么动力促使您及贵企业参与到可持续发展的议题中?
 您解决可持续性问题的过程是怎样的?根据您的经验,最引以为豪的举措和成就是什么?
 您是如何确保可持续发展议题上的远见和抱负在一个庞大的企业组织中得到一致的贯彻?
 对于充分理解可持续发展的高管们,有哪些共同的技能和经验?在您看来,领导者要将可持续发展纳入企业战略,需要具备哪些重要特质?