Practical Guidances for the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles

A framework for assessing and disclosing ocean practices.

  1. The UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles

The UN Global Compact, in consultation with more than 300 stakeholders worldwide, developed the Sustainable Ocean Principles in order to emphasize the responsibility of businesses to take necessary actions to secure a healthy and productive ocean.

The nine principles cover three areas: climate change, ocean health and productivity; governance and engagement; and data and transparency. Signatories confirm their endorsement of the principles and commit to integrating the framework provided for responsible business practices in the ocean across sectors and geographies, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  1. The Practical Guidances

The Guidances complement and operationalize the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles for specific industry sectors.

For each Principle, the Guidances provide a set of actions which can be implemented, exemplified by inspirational good practices. Each Guidance includes an analysis of the sustainability challenges and opportunities of the sector.

NOTE: the Guidances are designed to be working and dynamic documents in order to follow new legislations, best business practices, higher standards and market innovations. The documents will be reviewed on a regular basis.

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The Guidance is organized in 3 sections – following the Sustainable Ocean Principles:

  • Ocean Health and Productivity
  • Governance and Engagement
  • Data and Transparency

The guidances do not include a new set of reporting requirements, but rather encourage companies to use existing mechanisms to disclose their practices.

The audience is, first and foremost, companies operating in the sector targeted by the Guidance. The Guidances can also be used by financial institutions and insurers as a due diligence tool and to inform their decisions. The Guidances are designed to support policymakers and civil society organizations to better understand the challenges, opportunities and regulations/standards of the sector.

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