Making Global Goals Local Business – Indonesia

  • Overview

    IGCN Forum 2020: Making Global Goals Local Business – Indonesia 

    "Exciting Opportunities to Deliver Agenda 2030 in the New Decade of Action in Indonesia" 

    30-31 March 2020 (two-day) 

    15th floor Gedung Yustinus, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta


    Organized by Global Compact Network Indonesia with the support of United Nations Global Compact, Making Global Goals Local Business – Indonesia is a two-day forum that will bring together local and global leaders from business, civil society, Government, Global Compact Local Networks and the United Nations to catalyze collective action and impact on the Ten Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Making Global Goals Local Business – Indonesia is a platform for business leaders and Government to foster multi-stakeholder dialogues, yield new partnerships and explore innovative solutions to accelerate SDG implementation in Indonesia. The theme of the event is, "Exciting Opportunities to Deliver Agenda 2030 in the New Decade of Action in Indonesia."

    Contact Person:
    Deladwita Suyoso




    DAY 1

    Monday, 30 March 2020


    Opening and Keynote Speech 

    Welcoming Remarks:

    • A. Prasetyantoko, SE, M.Sc. Ph.D., Rector of Atma Jaya Catholic
    • Y.W. Junardy, President, Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN)

    Keynote Speaker:

    • Roadmap: Making Indonesia 4.0
      Dr. Ir. Airlangga Hartarto, MBA., MMT., Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs* 
    • Delivering Agenda 2030, the New Decade of Action
      Anita Nirody, UN Resident Coordinator for Indonesia


    From the 2030 Vision to the 2030 Reality - How Far Are We? 


    Understanding the current challenges and opportunities facing Indonesia in its quest to meet the 2030 Agenda from government, regional, and global business perspective, this session will examine its plan of action for accelerating progress towards the Goals.



    • Are We ‘On Track’ to Meet the 2030 Agenda?”
      Dr. Ir. Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of National Development Planning/BAPPENAS, Ministry of National Development Planning/BAPPENAS*
    • Regional Overview: Where are We?”
      Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, Ph.D., Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations & Executive Secretary of Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)*
    • “A Decade to Deliver: A Call to Business Action - Global Business Perspective”
      Melissa Powell, Chief of Staff, UN Global Compact

    Moderator: A. Prasetyantoko, SE, M.Sc. Ph.D., Rector of Atma Jaya Catholic University


    UN Global Compact New Members Pledge Signing


    Lunch Break and Networking


    Making Global Goals Local Business in the Lens of the C-Suite – Why Do We Care? 


    It is apparent that change starts at the top of the organization, and as such the 2030 Agenda needs to be prioritized by companies.


    “CEOs told us that they are making real progress, face growing expectations from consumers and employees, and are able to point to concrete innovative business models, partnerships and technologies that show it is possible to both drive competitiveness and real measurable progress on environment, social and governance issues.” - UN Global Compact & Accenture Study, 2019.


    This session will welcome Indonesian businesses for a discussion on their attitudes, perceptions and plans of action to showcase SDG leadership and contribute to the Global Goals locally. 



    • Hemant Bakshi, President Director, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk
    • Franky Wijaya, Chairman, PT SMART Tbk* 
    • Garibaldi Thohir, Chief Executive Officer, PT Adaro Energy Tbk* 
    • Cherie Nursalim, Vice Chairman, GITI Group*
    • Bey Soo Khiang, Chairman, Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Ltd (APRIL) Group
    • Mohammad Mirdal Akib, Chief Executive Officer, Media Group*

    Moderator: Y. W. Junardy, President, Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN)  


    World Café - Scaling Ambition for the Decade of Action: Let’s Talk about our Ways of Implementing the Ten Principles and the Global Goals at home 


    “Snapshot: Progress Report 2019 UN Global Compact on the implementation of the Ten Principles”
    Neha Das, Leader Asia Oceania, UN Global Compact*

    Rotating groups discuss what were the highlights from today’s sessions and one-two things they can do after the event to incorporate the Ten Principles (in the area of Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption) and Global Goals into their work and daily implementation.



    • Human Rights: Prof. Jonathan Pincus, President, Rajawali Foundation
    • Labour: Aditya Warman, Supervisory Board, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan*
    • Environment: Elim Sritaba, Chief Sustainability Officer, Asia Pulp and Paper Group
    • Anti-Corruption: Prof. Bramantyo Djohanputro, Executive Director, PPM Manajemen*

    Report out the discussion per group


    Closing Day 1

    Networking Coffee and Tea


    Dinner Reception - Invitation only

    DAY 2

    Tuesday, 31 March 2020


    Opening & Keynotes

    Keynote Speech:

    • “Strategies and Road Map in Addressing the Climate Change”
      Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc., Minister of Forestry and Environment* 


    Moving the Tipping Point: Business Ambition for 1.50 C

    Climate change is undoubtedly the defining issue of our time — and we are at a pivotal moment. The world today is facing unprecedented, interconnected environmental challenges. We risk missing our chance to avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous consequences for people and all the natural systems that sustain us. We are at a critical juncture, where climate change is moving faster than we are every day (report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - 


    What we need now is leadership. There is evidence that these companies will be best-placed to thrive as the global economy undergoes a just transition to a net-zero future by 2050.


    The UN is calling business to step up and commit your business to set science-based targets aligned with limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. 



    • Alberto Carrillo Pineda, Director of Science-based Targets & Renewable Energy, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)*
    • Goh Lin Piao, Managing Director, Asia Pulp and Paper Group
    • Prijono Sugiarto, President Director, PT Astra International Tbk*
    • Aulia Mulki Oemar, President Director, PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk*
    • Rolande Pryce, Acting Country Director, World Bank Indonesia*

    Moderator: Desi Anwar, News Anchor, CNBC Indonesia*


    Moving the Tipping Point: Business Ambition for 1.5°C Pledge Ceremony

    We are inviting the visionary leaders who commit their companies to a 1.5°C target to be recognized in the lead up to COP 26 in November 2020 — emphasizing the implementable, scalable and replicable business solutions that will support a genuinely systemic transformation.


    Lead: Josephine Satyono, Executive Director, Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN)


    • Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc. , Minister of Forestry and Environment, Ministry of Forestry and Environment* 
    • Alberto Carrillo Pineda, Director of Science-based Targets & Renewable Energy, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)* 
    • Dr. Nirarta Samadhi, Country Director, World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia*


    Presenting Spotlight Stories for the SDGs
    "Responsible Business for the Future – 2019 SDGs Actions Showcase” Published by Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN)

    Lead: Josephine Satyono, Executive Director, Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN)


    Lunch & Networking


    Sustainable Oceans High Level Consultation 

    Keynote Speech:

    “Indonesia’s Policies and Programmes on Sustainable Ocean”

    Jend. (Purn.) TNI Luhut B. Panjaitan, MPA., Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investments, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investments (15’)*


    “UN Global Compact Action Platform on Sustainable Ocean Business”

    • The Sustainable Ocean Principles
    • The 5 Tipping Points for A Healthy and Productive Ocean by 2030

    Working Groups Discussion (30’)

    Working Groups Discussion on the Tipping Points - participants to select one of the followings:

    • Fully Traceable Sustainable Seafoods
    • Set Sail for Zero 
    • Harnessing Ocean Electricity 
    • Mapping the Ocean 
    • Ending waste entering the Ocean

    Participants will work in groups and discuss on the following questions: 

    • What are the governance gaps (most critical areas in terms of lack of governance and regulatory framework) within the respective tipping point?
    • What can business do, and what is the role of governments to fill the gap(s) identified above?
    • What insight is needed from science to better understand and define actions for this Tipping Point?

    Plenary - Reporting Back from Group Discussion (60’)


    Plenary - Toward the Upcoming 2020 UN Ocean Conference, ”Scaling Up Ocean Action Based on Science and Innovation for the Implementation of Goal 14: Stocktaking, Partnerships, and Solutions”, 2-6 June 2020, Lisbon


    Discussion on the private sector engagement at the 2020 UN Ocean Conference.



    • Edhy Prabowo, SE., MM., MBA., Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries*
    • Vegard Kaale, Ambassador of Norway to Indonesia, Embassy of Norway*
    • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/UN Environment Programme (UNEP)*
    • Private Sector (t.b.d.)*


    Partnerships for the Global Goals (SDG 17)


    A session to highlight some of the exciting partnerships for SDGs and the opportunities for synergies and collaboration.



    • Prof. Shahbaz Khan, Director Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific and UNESCO Representative for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Timor-Leste, UNESCO
    • Michiko Miyamoto, Country Director, ILO*
    • Christophe Bahuet, Resident Representative, UNDP in Indonesia*
    • Melissa Powell, Chief of Staff, UN Global Compact

    Indonesian Cases* 

      • APP Sinar Mas & Martha Tilaar Group - a case of business-to-business
      • PT Adaro Energy, Tbk & Local Government (PEMDA) - a case of company with Government

    Moderator: Yanti Triwadiantini, Advisor, Indonesia Business Links (IBL)


    Closing Day 2

    Networking Coffee and Tea

    *to be confirmed


    To be announced