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Local Network Meetings and Events

Annual Local Network Forum

Since 2003, an annual meeting of Local Networks has been convened to bring Local Network Representatives and company representatives together to share experiences, learn from each other and network. This annual meeting has also provided the opportunity to seek the input of Local Networks on key governance issues relating to Local Networks and, more broadly, to the initiative as a whole.

Following the comprehensive governance review of the Global Compact in 2004 and given the growing importance of Local Networks and their annual meeting, the UN Secretary-General decided to elevate the status of the meeting and its role in the initiative by making it a formal component of the Global Compact’s multi-centric governance framework. The annual meeting is now termed the Annual Local Networks Forum.

Annual Local Network Forums

Regional Meetings for Network Contact Persons

Since 2006, Regional Meetings for Local Networks have been convened to provide Global Compact Contact Persons and other members of the Network Steering Committees with an opportunity to learn from the achievements of other Networks and to share experiences on the processes and issues relevant within the regional context. Set apart from the learning exchange that occurs at the Annual Local Network Forum, the more informal Regional Meetings provide opportunities to discuss regional challenges and opportunities as well as to identify potential regional approaches and joint activities. The annual regional meetings are also used to seek input from Local Networks on the agenda for the Annual Local Networks Forum.

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