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Name Type Sector Country Joined On
bpost NV Company Support Services Belgium 2011-12-30
Autodesk, Inc. Company Software & Computer Services United States of America 2011-12-29
Centro Comercial Palatino P.H. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Support Services Colombia 2011-12-06
Arabian Gulf Mine Action Co. Company Mining Iraq 2011-11-08
Matex International Limited Company Chemicals Singapore 2011-08-23
Calidda Company Gas, Water & Multiutilities Peru 2011-05-04
Empresa de Energia de Boyaca S.A. E.S.P. Company Electricity Colombia 2011-04-25
Quinta da Estancia Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Travel & Leisure Brazil 2011-03-01
Torse Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Electricity United Kingdom 2011-02-14
Pacific Exploration and Production Company Oil & Gas Producers Colombia 2011-01-25
Natural Capital Partners Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Support Services United Kingdom 2010-11-08
PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited Company Chemicals Thailand 2010-10-15