Training and Guidance Material

This section features diverse training and guidance material for Global Compact Local Networks.

Recent Webinars

Recent Webinars for Local Networks on a variety of topics.

2016 SDG Global Compact - Local Network Action Plan

Launched in 2016 as part of the Making Global Goals Local Business campaign, these resources were developed in order to assist Local Networks in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Local Networks Management Toolkit

The Local Networks Management Toolkit, now in its third version, contains paramount content to assist Networks in the daily management of their operations,

UN Global Compact Design Manual

This updated design manual reflects the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, and the need for easier brand governance to consistently express the essence of the UN Global Compact brand.
In this design manual you will find updated logos, a refreshed color palette as well as structured guidelines and tools for correct usage when working with the UN Global Compact brand.


Presentations to assist Global Compact Local Networks in their outreach, recruitment events and activities.

  • Overview of the Global Compact (ppt)
    • Provides an overview of the UN Global Compact, its vision, mission, presence around the world and benefits of participation for businesses. Local Networks can add slides specific to their operations to supplement this presentation.
  • Overview of the Global Compact (pdf)
    • Same document as the ppt presentation above; for Local Networks that wish to share the overview presentation with their participants.
  • The Global Compact Networks Map (png)
    • Current map of the Global Compact Networks around the world. For Local Networks that wish to use the map in presentations.
  • Working with the Business Sector as a Development Partner
    • Presentation meant for businesses, in order to understand the UN Global Compact's mandate and role, its relevance to corporate sustainability and how the corporate sector can become a development partner.

Media Outreach Toolkit

Set of materials to support Local Network's media outreach efforts.

Policies, Guidelines, Templates

Key Messages, Boilerplates, Toolkits

COP Training

Information regarding Communication on Progress training.

Resources for SME Reporting

This package of resources will help networks to train SME participants on reporting and COP submission and covers the following questions:

(i) Why report each year?

(ii) How to report efficiently and effectively? and

(iii) What should I do next?

SMEs that take part in training will develop an outline of their COP and a concrete plan to finalize and submit it. Please modify according to each network’s needs, presenter’s notes and an action plan handout.

Video: How to submit a COP

This video is available in English | Español | Français | 日本語 | عربي | Português

COE Training

Information regarding Communication on Engagement training.


Materials to better inform Local Networks on how to broker partnerships.

Fundraising Toolkit

This resource has been developed to assist Local Networks in their fundraising efforts.

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