Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Starbucks Coffee Company Company Beverages United States of America 2004-04-08
Seagate Technology Company Technology Hardware & Equipment United States of America 2004-04-06
Compania de Minas Buenaventura Company Industrial Metals & Mining Peru 2004-04-02
Tubacex S.A. Company Industrial Metals & Mining Spain 2004-04-01
Agricola Chapi S.A. Company Food Producers Peru 2004-03-31
Delta Cafes, S.G.P.S, S.A. Company Beverages Portugal 2004-03-31
Ecologic Institute NGO Global Not Applicable Germany 2004-03-31
Groupe SEB Company Household Goods & Home Construction France 2004-03-31
Johnson Controls International plc Company Electronic & Electrical Equipment United States of America 2004-03-31
Aubay Company Software & Computer Services France 2004-03-30
Docsourcing Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Transportation France 2004-03-30
ONET Company Support Services France 2004-03-30