9,000 companies + 4,000 non-businesses

Name Type Sector Country Joined On
TIME Foundation NGO Local Not Applicable Bulgaria 2011-10-27
Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology Business Association Local Not Applicable Bulgaria 2011-09-08
Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF University) Academic Not Applicable Bulgaria 2010-12-06
SOFIMUN Foundation Foundation Not Applicable Bulgaria 2010-08-12
EVN Bulgaria EAD Company Electricity Bulgaria 2010-08-04
Deloitte Bulgaria EOOD Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Financial Services Bulgaria 2010-07-22
KAUZI Foundation NGO Local Not Applicable Bulgaria 2010-04-30
Borima Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Electronic & Electrical Equipment Bulgaria 2010-03-23
Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development NGO Local Not Applicable Bulgaria 2010-02-01
VAPTECH LTD. Company General Industrials Bulgaria 2009-09-09
PAC Doverie Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Nonlife Insurance Bulgaria 2009-02-05
Eldominvest Ltd., Bulgaria Company Electronic & Electrical Equipment Bulgaria 2009-01-26