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Company Universidad de Malaga
Not Applicable
Global Compact Status:
Participant Since
05 October 2006

Communication On Engagement

Published On Title Level
2020-09-10 Memoria Responsabilidad Social 2018-19
2020-09-02 Memoria de Responsabilidad Social Universidad de Málaga 2017-18
2018-04-16 2016-2017 Communication on Engagement
2015-12-15 2014-15 Communication on Engagement
2015-10-06 2014 Communication on Engagement
2013-11-08 2012 Communication on Engagement
2012-11-16 2011 Communication on Progress Active
2011-11-18 2010 Communication on Progress Active
2010-11-13 2009 Communication on Progress N/A
2009-12-03 Informe de Progreso 2008 N/A
2009-02-13 Informe de Progreso 2007 N/A
2007-02-15 Informe de Progreso UMA N/A

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