Safaricom’s App Keeping Kenyan Children Safe

Who are Safaricom?

Safaricom, a leading mobile telecommunications company based in Kenya.

What was done?

Safaricom developed a free app called Guardian Application to help keep children safe. With the belief that smartphones and tablets should have the same level of protection as PC or other desktop computers, parents seem to be less cautious with online safety when children are on smartphones or tablets. This leaves children susceptible to possible abuse, cyber bullying or other form of online violence.

What were the outcomes?

With the help of this free app, parents can choose who is able to call their children, protect them from unwanted SMS, restrict or block internet functions, and prevent them from downloading or installing certain apps. It is simple to use so that parents do not need technical expertise or knowledge to use the app. At the same time, Safaricom also encourages parents to educate their children on responsible use of these devices, especially on accessing content that might be harmful to them.

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