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Programme Overview


The Young SDG Innovators Programme is an opportunity for participating companies of the UN Global Compact to identify young talent within their organizations to collaborate and accelerate business innovation towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This ten-month accelerator programme activates future business leaders and changemakers to develop and drive innovative solutions through new technologies, initiatives, and business models and deliver on their company’s sustainability objectives.

The Young SDG Innovators Programme is designed to engage your company’s brightest and best talent in not only advancing your sustainability efforts but driving innovation and delivering tangible solutions with potential market value for your company.


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Companies participating in the UN Global Compact and based in the following countries have the opportunity to collaborate with their Global Compact Local Networks to nominate young professionals for the programme. Click on the country where you are located to connect with your Local Network and participate in the Young SDG Innovators Programme:

Bangladesh India





United Kingdom



South Africa

United States
Denmark Mexico Turkey

Not located in any of these countries? Future rounds of the programme will expand to additional countries. Please click here if you would like to participate through your Local Network in a future round.


Companies must be confirmed to participate in the programme before nominating individual young professionals to join. If you are a young professional interested in the programme, please talk to your company's UN Global Compact contact to see how your company can sign up and join the programme.

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The Young SDG Innovators Programme is supported by the Tuborg Foundation.

For more information on the Young SDG Innovators Programme, download the brochure and the programme overview.

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