Sustainable Finance

Rethinking the future of corporate finance and investments as a catalyst for growth and social impact


As corporate sustainability initiatives increasingly become part of core business strategy, leaders are rethinking the future of corporate finance and corporate investments to advance social good. The United Nations Global Compact provides the guidance and resources finance executives need to transform their business models and incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — a move that can open up US$12 trillion in market opportunities.

Scaling SDG Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals

This guide explores the role of corporate finance and investments in scaling finance for the Sustainable Development Goals, including how FDI, financial intermediation and public-private partnerships can be a source of finance for less liquid SDG investments that cannot be invested directly by portfolio or institutional investors. This includes providing access to finance in countries with less developed financial markets or for SDG solutions that are too small or illiquid to attract portfolio investors.

Scaling SDG Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Bonds | Leveraging Capital Markets for the SDGs

This guide explores the role of the bond market – the largest asset class in the global financial markets – in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With US$ 6.7 trillion of annual issuance, bonds can provide a cheap, reliable and scalable source of capital for a variety of stakeholders involved in the implementation of Agenda 2030, including companies, governments, cities and public-private partnerships. SDG bonds also provide an answer to the lack of SDG investment opportunities for institutional investors. A diverse portfolio of SDG Bonds, including sovereign, municipal, corporate and project bonds across developed and emerging markets could fulfill mainstream investors’ growing demand for impact while matching their risk-return appetite.

Corporate Finance Report

Corporate Finance | A Roadmap to Mainstream SDG Investments

Investors, Governments and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding that companies demonstrate sustainable strategies aligned with the SDGs. This report provides guidance to companies looking to integrate the SDGs into their financial strategy and business model. A credible SDG strategy allows companies to clearly communicate impact, facilitate easier access to the growing market for SDG financing, and connect investors with a pipeline of potential opportunities to address the SDG investment gap.

Corporate Finance Report



Building on the work of the UN Global
Compact Action Platform on Financial
Innovation for the
SDGs, the UN Glo-
bal Compact works with key partners
on a series of regional SDG
Investment Forums to enhance dialogue
at the local level between investors,
companies, the UN and Governments on
investments to advance the SDGs.

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Action Platform

Corporate Finance Report

The UN Global Compact Action Platform
on Financial Innovation for the SDGs
brings together a multi-disciplinary
group of finance practitioners and
expertsto develop innovative financial
instruments to direct private finance
towards critical sustainability solutions.
The platform develops guidance on impact
investment strategies that support the
SDGs and improves the risk/return profile
of SDG investments to attract institutional

action platform

CFO Taskforce on SDG Finance

Corporate Finance Report

The CFO Taskforce for the SDGs brings
together a multisector group of corporate
finance leaders to develop innovative
strategies to mobilize finance towards
sustainable development and engage with
global stakeholders.

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