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Academy Overview

The UN Global Compact Academy is designed to give Participants* the knowledge and skills they need to meet their sustainability objectives. Delivered through a series of learning sessions taught by world-class experts, the Academy will coach Participants to develop their understanding of critical topics and build actionable skills.

Anchored in our principles-based approach, the Academy is both accessible and solution-oriented, enabling Participants to accelerate positive impacts both now and far into the future. Focused on learning that ensures results, our topic portfolio will cover key themes across all aspects of corporate sustainability, with a special focus on the UN Global Goals.

Regardless of your corporate function or where you are on your sustainability journey, the UN Global Compact Academy offers business-friendly solutions and the opportunity to join a highly-engaged learning community.

*While the UN Global Compact Academy is designed for companies engaged in the Participant tier, we are pleased to make this inaugural session open to both Participants and Signatories. Learn more about our new engagement model and explore which tier is right for your company.

Key Features of the Academy

1. Advance your sustainability performance

Learn how business can help achieve the Global Goals through addressing a range of sustainability issues.

2. Cutting-edge tools & resources

Access key frameworks for action, practical tools and hands-on examples of impact-focused business practices. Co-developed with leading experts and partners.

3. World-class experts

Learn from and interact with key influencers, UN leadership and corporate peers from around the world as part of all Academy sessions.

4. Accessible

Delivered through a blend of live webinars, online engagement tools, videos and opportunities for face-to- face coaching, Academy sessions are easily accessed and scalable for a geographically diverse workforce.

2018 Topics and Sessions

Examples of key themes and topics to be covered in 2018 are included below.

Check back here soon for updated programme information.

1. A Principles-based Approach to the Global Goals

Topics include:
  • Why a principles-based approach matters
  • A practical guide to Global Goals implementation: getting started
  • Defining Global Goals leadership
  • Building successful partnerships
  • How to report on the Global Goals

2. Human Rights & Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

Topics include:
  • What human rights mean for business
  • Human rights: from policies to practice
  • Understanding human rights impact assessments
  • Responding to human rights risks in supply chains and engaging difficult suppliers
  • Building multi-stakeholder consultations and social dialogue
  • Advancing gender equality across your supply chain

3. Roadmap to Climate Action

Topics include:
  • Turning the Paris Agreement into corporate climate action
  • Business solutions to climate challenges: what are they, and what can business do?
  • How to set science-based emissions targets
  • Exploring pathways to low-carbon and resilient development
  • Driving water stewardship beyond your fence lines


Taking a Principles-based Approach to the Global Goals


1. Taking a Principles-based Approach to the Global Goals

  • Understand the importance of a principles-based approach to the Global Goals
  • Explore what it means to operationalize such an approach within your company and how to identify and harness the interconnectedness of the Global Goals
  • Discuss how negative impacts on society cannot be off-set by intended contributions to the Global Goals

We are pleased to make this inaugural Academy session open to all companies – both Participants and Signatories – in the UN Global Compact.

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Lise Kingo
CEO & Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact

John Ruggie
Berthold Beitz Professor in Human Rights and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

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