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The UN Global Compact Academy — the premier learning platform for sustainable companies — is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to meet your sustainability objectives. Exclusively available to UN Global Compact Participants, the Academy enables you to enhance your knowledge and capabilities with learning opportunities available regardless of your corporate function or where you are on your sustainability journey.

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How to Align Your Business Strategy with the Global Goals

Learn a step-by-step approach to align your company with the Global Goals and maximize its positive impact.

Responsible Investing: Investor Trends and Implications For Your Company

Take a deep dive into responsible investing trends and understand what investors look for in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data disclosed by your company. Learn how your communication with investors can accelerate the achievement of the Global Goals.

Translating Human Rights Commitment into Business Practice

Learn how to use a principles-based approach to effectively address and prioritize human rights issues in your company’s supply chain.

Three Practical Steps to Integrate the SDGs into Corporate Reporting

Learn about the business benefits of reporting on the Global Goals and how your company can adopt a step-by-step approach to getting started.


How to Set a Price on Carbon

Learn how to set your company’s internal price on carbon to a level that can materially affect investment decisions and drive down greenhouse gas emissions. You will also learn how to publicly advocate for other companies to do the same and how to become a sustainability leader.

Building a Breakthrough Mindset for the Global Goals

Learn what the breakthrough mindset is, why it’s necessary for achieving the Global Goals and what other companies are doing to transform their business models to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Creating a Market for Mainstream SDG Investments

Learn about SDG Bonds, a new innovative financial instrument, and the steps your company can take to create and take these bonds to market.

Upholding Freedom of Association and the Effective Recognition of the Right to Collective Bargaining

Learn how your business can uphold freedom of association and the effective recognition of collective bargaining in its supply chain.


Becoming a Business Leader on the Global Goals

Learn what being a leader on the Global Goals means and how your company can apply the five leadership qualities outlined in the Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs.

Implementing the Paris Agreement by Setting a Science Based Target

Learn how to set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and how to transition to a low-carbon economy and future-proof growth.

Implementing a Human Rights Impact Assessment and Embedding Results into Your Company’s Operations

Learn how to operationalize learnings from Human Rights Impacts Assessments and thereby reduce the risk of harmful human rights impacts.

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Advance Gender Equality Through Employer-Supported Childcare

Learn how your company can advance gender equality through supporting working parents while at the same time boosting productivity and attracting and retaining top talent.

How Corporate Reporting Can Help Inform National SDG Review Processes

Learn how your company can engage with partners to inform Governments’ voluntary national reviews on progress towards the 2030 Agenda.

How to Achieve Decent Work for All

Learn to apply practical steps within your company to contribute to the realization of decent work for all based on the recommendations provided by the ILO MNE Declaration.

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