Local Network Advisory Group

The Local Network Advisory Group (LNAG) was created in order to provide the UN Global Compact Office with advice and guidance on matters of importance to all Local Networks. The Advisory Group is also a key conduit for Local Networks (LNs) to raise ideas and concerns with the Global Compact Office in a systematic way.

The Advisory Group consists of 7 regionally representative members from the Americas, Africa, Eastern Europe, MENA, Asia & Oceania and Western Europe. Members are elected every two years by the LNs from their regions during the Annual Local Networks Forum (ALNF). The Head of the Local Networks is an ex-officio member of the group. The Advisory Group members will be from – and elected by – LNs that have a current signed MOU with the Global Compact Office and that have a clear governance structure.

The elected LNAG members nominate the Chair from among group members. The Chair occupies the ex officio Local Network role on the Global Compact Board. The current Chair, to be selected at the ALNF, will hold the position until 31 December 2017.
The Global Compact Local Networks team is the secretariat of the LNAG.

Current members of the LNAG:

  • Africa Representative – Ms. Achieng Ojwang, Global Compact Network South Africa
  • Americas Representative – Mr. Flavio Fuertes, Global Compact Network Argentina
  • Eastern Europe Representative – Ms. Nikica Kusinikova, Global Compact Network Macedonia
  • MENA Representative – Mr. Mahmoud Hesham El Burai, Global Compact Network United Arab Emirates
  • Asia & Oceania Representative – Dr. Uddesh Kolhi, Global Compact Network India
  • Asia & Oceania Representative – Ms. Alice Cope, Global Compact Network Australia
  • Western Europe Representative – Ms. Isabel Garro , Global Compact Network Spain

Current Chair of the LNAG: Ms. Alice Cope , Global Compact Network Australia

Deputy Chair of the LNAG: Mr. Mahmoud El Burai, Global Compact Network United Arab Emirates

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