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Supply Chain Sustainability

The Global Compact encourages signatories to engage with their suppliers around the Ten Principles, and thereby to develop more sustainable supply chain practices. However, many companies lack the knowledge or capacity to effectively integrate the principles into their existing supply chain programmes and operations. In particular, a challenge remains to ensure that sustainability considerations are embedded within all sourcing processes.

To assist companies in improving their processes, the Global Compact has provided a platform for identifying and promoting existing material, initiatives and business practices, exploring critical issues and developing guidance on how to integrate the Ten Principles into supply chain management systems.

Because supply chain sustainability is a cross-cutting issue, this work is closely coordinated with the strategy and work done in the four Global Compact issues areas (human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption).

A Guide to Traceability: A Practical Approach to Advance Sustainability in Global Supply Chains

Launched in April 2014 the guide provides an overview of the importance of traceability for corporate sustainability objectives, outlines the global opportunities and challenges it represents, and summarizes practical steps for implementing traceability programmes within companies. Download.

Any additional input is welcome; please contact the UN Global Compact and BSR if you have feedback you would like to share to improve our work, or if you have questions. Only by working together around the world can we truly collaborate to drive more sustainable supply chains.

Access A Guide to Traceability Frequently Asked Questions.

Call for Resources and Practices

Global Compact participants are invited to login to the website: “Sustainable Supply Chains: Resources and Practices” and share information about their sustainable supply chain initiatives or activities, including brief examples describing how they are incorporating and promoting sustainability issues and the ten principles in their supply chains. Examples can include how the company is managing supply chain sustainability internally, how the company is engaging with suppliers or in partnerships and collective action initiatives to promote supply chain sustainability. Organizations, companies and special initiatives on this topic that would like to share information about their sustainable supply chain efforts are welcome to submit them to the website. All articles will be reviewed and approved by the UN Global Compact Office and CSR Europe before being published.

Access the website "Sustainable Supply Chains: Resources and Practices".

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