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Contact Us

Executive Director Georg Kell
Deputy Director Gavin Power
General Counsel Ursula Wynhoven
General Manager Lila Karbassi
Policy Officer Da Woon Chung
Administrative Assistant Alexandra Radulescu
Administrative Assistant Boijayanti Gomez Badillo
General Inquiries Global Compact Office

Issue Management

Human Rights Ursula Wynhoven
  Michelle Lau​
  Shubha Chandra​
Women's Empowerment Principles Lauren Gula
Children's Rights and Business Principles Anita Househam
Labour Ursula Wynhoven
  Venu Keesari
Environment Lila Karbassi
  Heidi Huusko
Caring for Climate Jayoung Park
CEO Water Mandate Gavin Power
Anti-Corruption Olajobi Makinwa
  Moramay Navarro Perez
  Neha Das
Business for Peace Melissa Powell
  Adrienne Gardaz
UN-Business Partnerships Melissa Powell
Supply Chain Sustainability Anita Househam

Special Projects / Initiatives

LEAD Ole Hansen
  Nessa Whelan
  Ingvild Soerensen
Financial Markets Initiative Gavin Power
Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Danielle Chesebrough
Cities Programme Carrie Hall
Principles for Responsible
Management Education (PRME)
Jonas Haertle
Merril Csuri
Florencia Librizzi

Local Networks

Head of Local Networks Walid Nagi
Regional Networks Manager – Africa, Europe Tiina Mylly
Regional Networks Manager – Americas Javier Cortes
Regional Networks Manager – Asia / Oceania Ryo Kobayashi
Regional Networks Manager – MENA Alexandra Tarazi
Africa Representative Olajobi Makinwa
China Representative Meng Liu
Local Networks Associate Natalia Uliana

Stakeholder Management / Reporting

Reporting Managers Ana Blanco
  Sarah Bostwick
Participants Management Coordinator Gordana Filipic
Participants Management Assistant Leimer Tejeda
Government Relations Marie Wibe
Civil Society Relations Olajobi Makinwa

Communications and Public Affairs

Head of Communications Carrie Hall
Media Relations and Public Affairs Tim Wall
Research, Communications and Web Editor Sean Cruse
Communications Manager Bianca Wilson
Communications Manager Kristina Wilson
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Foundation for the Global Compact

Managing Director Alex Stein
Operations Manager Michelle Wolynski
Development Manager Claire Kells