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Global Compact Logo

Use by participants of the "We Support the Global Compact" logo (hereinafter the "Endorser logo") is encouraged as a way to promote their commitment to the initiative and raise awareness of the United Nations Global Compact. It can be used, for example, on corporate websites and pertinent printed materials. Please note, however, that every use of a Global Compact logo — except the contextualized version of the logo for use in COPs, which may be downloaded and used in a COP without prior permission — requires permission in advance from the Global Compact Office. Participants can request the use of a Global Compact logo using the online logo request. We invite you to become familiar with the Global Compact Logo Policy and the Frequently Asked Questions below before requesting permission to use a Global Compact logo.
If you have been authorized to use either the regular Global Compact logo or the Endorser logo on your website, we kindly invite you to link the logo to the Global Compact's own website: http://www.unglobalcompact.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

This document is intended to provide answers to the below frequently asked questions about the UN Global Compact’s Logo Policy. The UN Global Compact name and logos are the property of the United Nations Global Compact, are registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization, and are protected worldwide under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. You can review the UN Global Compact Logo Policy here.

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gclogo (at) un.org

(Last update 23 April 2015)