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Company SAP SE
Software & Computer Services
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Participant Since
26 July 2000

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Affiliated Subsidiaries

Country Company Name
Italy SAP Italia S.P.A.
Belarus SAP CIS Reprentative Office in The Republic of Belarus
South Africa SAP South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.
Portugal SAP Portugal, Lda.
Singapore SAP Asia Pte Ltd
United Kingdom SAP UK
Costa Rica SAP Costa Rica
United States of America SAP
Peru SAP Peru
Japan SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
Nigeria SAP Nigeria Limited
Kenya SAP Africa
Mexico SAP Mexico
Sweden SAP Svenska
Australia SAP Australia
Norway SAP Norway
China SAP China
Chile SAP Chile
Malaysia SAP Malaysia
Egypt SAP Egypt LLC
Saudi Arabia SAP Mena
Turkey SAP Turkey
Ukraine LLC SAP Ukraine
Kazakhstan SAP Kazakhstan
Thailand SAP Thailand Ltd.
Philippines SAP Philippines Inc.
Viet Nam SAP Vietnam
Korea, Republic of SAP Korea
Morocco SAP North West Africa Ltd
Poland SAP Polska
Pakistan SAP Pakistan
Brazil SAP Brazil
Argentina SAP Argentina S.A.
Spain SAP Espana, S.A.
Colombia SAP Colombia, S.A.S.
Bulgaria SAP Bulgaria
France SAP France
Austria SAP Österreich GmbH
Indonesia PT. SAP Indonesia
Switzerland SAP (Schweiz/Suisse) AG
Netherlands SAP Nederland B.V.
India SAP India Pvt Ltd
Germany SAP Germany
Finland SAP Finland

Communication On Progress

Published On Title Level
2020-03-16 Communication on Progress (SAP Integrated Report 2019) Active
2019-03-16 Communication on Progress (SAP Integrated Report 2018) Active
2018-03-16 Communication on Progress (SAP Integrated Report 2017) Active
2017-03-16 Communication on Progress 2017 (SAP Integrated Report 2016) Active
2016-04-22 Communication on Progress Active
2015-05-05 Communication on Progress Active
2014-04-01 Communication on Progress 2014 (SAP Integrated Report 2013) Active
2013-08-08 Communication on Progress 2013 (SAP Integrated Report 2012) Active
2012-09-26 Communication on Progress 2012 (2011 SAP Sustainability Report) Active
2011-09-27 2011 Communication on Progress Active
2010-09-28 2010 Communication on Progress N/A
2009-09-29 SAP 2008 Sustainability Report N/A
2009-02-06 SAP Communications on Progress 2008 N/A
2008-02-07 SAP 2007 Communication on Progress N/A
2007-02-07 COP SAP N/A
2005-07-14 Communication on Progress N/A

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