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Company Air France - KLM
Oil & Gas Producers
Privately Held
Global Compact Status:
Participant Since
03 June 2003

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Communication On Progress

Published On Title Level
2022-05-30 Communication on Progress 2021 Advanced
2021-06-08 Communication on Progress 2020 Advanced
2020-06-09 Communication on Progress 2019 Advanced
2019-06-13 Communication on Progress 2018 Advanced
2018-06-14 Communication on Progress Advanced
2017-06-16 Communication on Progress 2017 Advanced
2016-06-16 Communication on Progress 2016 Advanced
2015-06-23 Communication on Progress 2015 Advanced
2014-07-11 Communication on Progress 2014 Advanced
2013-07-01 Communication on Progress 2013 Advanced
2012-07-18 2012 Communication on Progress Advanced
2011-07-20 2011 Communication on Progress Advanced
2010-09-10 2010 Communication on Progress N/A
2009-09-25 2008-09 Air France-KLM CSR Report N/A
2008-11-07 2007-08 Air France-KLM CSR report N/A
2008-01-07 Annual CSR Report N/A
2007-12-30 Raising the awareness to the insertion of disabled workers N/A
2006-12-22 Sustainable developement Report 2005/2006 N/A
2005-08-05 Creating a network of voluntary employment and training bodies in the CDG region N/A
2005-08-05 Profesional insertion of young people seeking employment N/A
2005-08-05 Raising Suppliers'awareness of sustainable development N/A
2005-08-05 Transportation of disabled passengers or those with limited mobility N/A
2005-08-05 Elimination of discrimination in employement and occupation N/A
2005-08-05 Elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation N/A
2005-08-05 adopt a preventive approach to meet environmental challenges N/A
2005-07-13 Sustainability Report 2004-05 N/A

Note: Responsibility for the content of participants' public communication related to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and their implementation lies with participants themselves and not with the UN Global Compact.