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Company BASF Canada
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30 September 2020
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Germany BASF SE

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Published On Title Level
2021-02-28 Communication on Progress 2021 Advanced
2020-02-28 Communication on Progress 2020 Advanced
2019-03-01 Communication on Progress 2019 Advanced
2018-02-27 Communication on Progress Advanced
2017-02-28 Communication on Progress and externally verified Online-GRI-UN Global Compact-Index Advanced
2016-02-28 Communication on Progress: Integrated Report 2015 with externally assured online GRI-Global Compact-Index Advanced
2015-02-27 Communication on Progress: Integrated Report 2014 & Externally assured GRI-Global Compact Content Index Advanced
2014-02-27 Communication on Progress Advanced
2013-03-01 Communication on Progress (Integrated Report, Website & GRI-Global Compact Index on our Sustainability website) Advanced
2012-03-09 Communication on Progress Advanced
2011-03-10 2011 Communication on Progress Active
2010-03-23 2010 Communication on Progress N/A
2009-03-18 BASF Report 2008, Global Compact Section of BASF's Sustainability Website and GRI/Global Compact-Index N/A
2008-03-14 BASF Report 2007 and Global Compact Section of BASF's Sustainability Website N/A
2007-04-10 Corporate Report 2006 and Sustainability Website N/A
2006-05-08 Corporate Report 2005 N/A
2005-06-21 Corporate Report 2004 and Sustainability Website N/A
2004-04-23 Corporate Report 2003 and Sustainability Website N/A