Advancing Sustainable Development

Strong markets and strong societies go hand in hand. Even the most principled companies are challenged to thrive in communities marked by instability, to find skilled labour where adequate education is lacking, or to withstand disasters stemming from climate change. Companies are looking to their core business, as well as philanthropy, advocacy and partnerships, to support society in ways that also contribute to profitability.

With the United Nations launching a ground-breaking set of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, business has a newly relevant framework to guide their strategic priorities and efforts towards society – representing a huge opportunity to drive sustainable business. Businesses, investors and civil society are increasingly considered to be a positive force for sustainable development and are expected to play an important role in implementing the SDGs.

Alongside the Ten Principles, advancing broader UN goals like sustainable development is central to your company’s commitment to the UN Global Compact. The issues and topics we work on cover most areas expected to be addressed by SDGs and our Local Networks will play a key role in facilitating action and partnerships on the ground to implement the SDGs. The UN Global Compact has also undertaken globe-spanning consultations to help shape the SDGs, and we will continue to inform the political processes and prepare the ground for corporate implementation of the SDGs.

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