Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Good Neighbors Indonesia / Gugah Nurani Indonesia NGO Local Not Applicable Indonesia 2014-01-08
El John Indonesia Foundation Not Applicable Indonesia 2013-10-07
Gerakan Peduli Disabilitas Dan Lepra Indonesia (Indonesia Leprosy and Disability Care Movement) NGO Local Not Applicable Indonesia 2013-08-29
PT. Trans Javagas Pipeline Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution Indonesia 2013-07-31
Bhumiksara Foundation NGO Local Not Applicable Indonesia 2013-07-12
Fortune PR Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Support Services Indonesia 2013-04-17
PT. Pangansari Utama Company Support Services Indonesia 2013-03-22
Build Change Indonesia NGO Local Not Applicable Indonesia 2012-12-13
PT Ekamas Fortuna Company Forestry & Paper Indonesia 2012-11-01
Center for Entrepreneurship, Change, and Third Sector (CECT) Trisakti University Academic Not Applicable Indonesia 2012-03-06
Bina Swadaya Foundation Foundation Not Applicable Indonesia 2011-09-28
PT. Singaland Asetama (SGA) Small or Medium-sized Enterprise General Industrials Indonesia 2011-05-02