Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Indian Institute of Development Management NGO Global Not Applicable India 2016-08-18
ZenSar Technologies Company Software & Computer Services India 2016-08-09
Capstone Academy of Global Peace Academic Not Applicable India 2016-08-03
Centre for Green Aviation OPC Pvt Ltd Academic Not Applicable India 2016-08-01
Education & Sports Development Association NGO Local Not Applicable India 2016-07-14
Pooma Educational Trust Foundation Not Applicable India 2016-06-13
Orana India Pvt. Ltd. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Beverages India 2016-06-07
Center for Green Economy opc pvt ltd Academic Not Applicable India 2016-05-18
Centre for Green Building Materials and Technology NGO Local Not Applicable India 2016-05-06
Everest Foundation Foundation Not Applicable India 2016-04-27
Techno Tarp and Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials India 2016-04-21
Techno Relief Overseas (I) Pvt.Ltd. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Support Services India 2016-04-13