Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Instituto Argentino del Petroleo y del Gas Business Association Local Not Applicable Argentina 2009-04-21
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Academic Not Applicable United States of America 2009-04-21
artoos group Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Support Services Belgium 2009-04-15
Deutsche Bahn AG Company Industrial Transportation Germany 2009-04-15
Aener Energia S.L.U. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Electronic & Electrical Equipment Spain 2009-04-14
HLA Lavinia Salud, S.L. Company Health Care Equipment & Services Spain 2009-04-14
CTE - Centro de Tecnologia de Edificacoes Ltda Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Brazil 2009-04-14
International Christian University Academic Not Applicable Japan 2009-04-14
JSR Corporation Company Chemicals Japan 2009-04-14
Mesucan S.R.L. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Support Services Argentina 2009-04-14