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Company Auchan Retail Ukraine
General Retailers
Privately Held
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13 September 2021
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France Auchan Retail

Parent Communication On Progress

Published On Title Level
2021-03-08 Communication on Progress Learner
2019-10-08 2018 Annual Financial Report and non financial performance statement Advanced
2018-10-09 Volet RSE du rapport de Gestion Advanced
2017-08-25 Communication on Progress Active
2016-06-20 Volet RSE du rapport de gestion 2015 Active
2016-06-20 Communication on Progress Active
2015-06-11 Rapport Développement Durable 2014 Auchan France Active
2015-06-03 2014 Activity and corporate social responsibility report Active
2015-06-03 2014 CSR section of the management report Active
2014-06-18 Communication on Progress Active
2014-06-18 Communication on Progress Active
2013-07-01 Communication on Progress Active
2013-06-21 Communication on Progress Active
2012-07-03 Communication on Progress Active
2012-06-14 Communication on Progress Learner
2011-06-21 2011 Communication on Progress Learner
2010-07-08 2010 Communication on Progress N/A
2010-07-08 2010 Communication on Progress N/A
2009-07-01 rapport Auchan entreprise responsable 2008-2009 N/A
01-Jul-2009 Auchan's commitment to Sustainable Development: Improving the tracing of raw materials in the cotton sector & developing the sale of energy-saving bulbs N/A
2008-06-18 Rapport Auchan entreprise responsable 2006 N/A
2008-06-16 Rapport Auchan entreprise responsable 2007/2008 N/A
2008-03-14 Fleurs d'Auchan ou l'insertion des personnes fragilisées N/A
2008-03-14 Auchan Poitiers, des choix environnementaux durables N/A
2006-06-22 Rapport Auchan entreprise responsable 2005 N/A
2005-06-28 Rapport Auchan Entreprise Responsable N/A