Getting Started: Business Participants


Congratulations! Your business has taken an important step towards strengthening corporate sustainability worldwide by becoming a United Nations Global Compact company. Now that your company has committed to implementing the ten principles into your strategies and operations, it is time to consider your next steps. The following tools and resources provide an overview of what is expected of Global Compact companies, as well as opportunities to further engage.

Additional tools, resources and information on the communication on progress, trainings and webinars, local networks and the annual contribution policy can be found by browsing the right hand navigation.

Reading Material

Making Global Goals Local Business: A New Era for Responsible Business

Provides an inspirational overview of the UN Global Compact’s multi-year journey to “Make Global Goals Local Business” by driving awareness and responsible business action to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Tools and Resources

Additional guidance material for implementing the UN Global Compact principles and taking action on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Business Solutions to Sustainable Development

Takes stock of the contribution of UN Global Compact business participants towards sustainable development. The report assesses progress in terms of how companies are taking action on the Ten Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, and features ten interviews with disruptive business leaders. It also highlights ten focus areas for the future where further business engagement is needed.

Integrity Measures

With the aim of assuring that the integrity of the UN Global Compact is safeguarded at all times, the UN Secretary-General has adopted the following integrity measures

Monthly Bulletin

As a Contact Point, you will receive the Monthly Bulletin by email. The Bulletin is designed to keep companies up to date on news, engagement opportunities, resources and events.

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