Global Compact LEAD Projects

In 2016, LEAD will:

Encourage core business transformation

LEAD will stimulate actions to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among the global business community by translating them into opportunities and partnerships. Additionally LEAD will demonstrate the business value that can be generated by aligning corporate strategies with the SDGs.

To achieve this LEAD will produce a series of support tools (e.g. case examples, brochures) featuring activities that companies already have underway. LEAD will continue to support and inspire companies to integrate sustainability across core business functions, this year it will spotlight supply chain, investor relations and R&D.

Promote breakthrough innovations in business models and technology

LEAD will stimulate sustainability innovation within companies by:

  • providing access to global innovators, innovation networks and thought leaders tied to the SDGs in various formats via a breakthrough innovation platform.
  • engaging young professionals from LEAD companies in collective learning experiences to solve sustainability-related challenges for their company

Help to shape and streamline investor-company dialogue

LEAD will help shape the approach that investors take to valuating ESG issues by spotlighting company’s sustainability efforts in discussions with investors committed to the Principles for Responsible Investment. To achieve this LEAD will provide access, through a series of webinars and podcasts, to emerging intelligence on how investor research, screening and engagement practices are increasingly emphasizing the role of ESG in market performance.

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