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Global Compact LEAD Projects

In 2015, LEAD will:

Create a Roadmap for Integrated Sustainability.

LEAD participants and relevant experts will collaborate to develop a first-ever practical guide for effectively integrating sustainability into every functional area of the company including Research & Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain, IT, etc. Through a series of functional “deep-dives” the project will result in a comprehensive framework for the acceleration of best practice and performance that will enable companies to lead the way to a sustainable future.

In parallel to continued engagement with global policy makers on the post- 2015 development agenda, LEAD will shape the tools and standards that will guide business action to advance the expected SDGs for the next fifteen years and will showcase examples of how business strategies and goal setting can fully align with global sustainable development priorities.

Work with investors to realize long-term financial value from corporate sustainability.

LEAD will work – together with investors engaged in the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)– to better analyze, quantify and communicate the impact of corporate sustainability on future growth, productivity and risk management, and to address short-termism in capital markets. These efforts will include the development of an innovative CFO training programme and internal workshops for sustainability, investor relations and finance professionals.

Move sustainability issues from the backroom to the boardroom.

LEAD will continue its focus on the need to integrate sustainability into the agenda of Boards of Directors. Through the roll out of the new Global Compact Board Programme, LEAD equips Directors to effectively oversee and drive a strategic approach to corporate sustainability, with a view to protect and support financial value creation.

Partner with business schools in PRME to help generate the business leaders of tomorrow.

Through close collaboration with the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), LEAD will help shape business school curricula, faculty development and research to equip future business leaders with a sound knowledge of sustainability issues and responsible management values. In addition, LEAD will develop recommendations for integrating sustainability considerations into the recruitment practices of companies.

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