Advance sustainability leadership through innovation and action.

A group of companies that aim to achieve higher levels of performance, tackle frontier corporate sustainability issues and encourage greater action by the broader business universe.

Global Compact LEAD

To guide the transformation of business everywhere, we need innovation, experimentation and genuine leadership. By bringing companies together with relevant experts and stakeholders, Global Compact LEAD provides a collaborative space to generate and implement advanced corporate sustainability practice. As an integral part of the United Nations and the UN Global Compact, LEAD is uniquely positioned to inspire widespread uptake of sustainability solutions among businesses around the world.

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LEAD in 2015

All of LEAD’s work aims to inspire and advance the full integration of sustainability into core business operations. This currently includes innovative, strategic and cross-cutting approaches to incorporate sustainability into the roles and responsibilities of Boards of Directors; align corporate goal-setting with global development priorities; improve how companies and investors quantify and communicate the value drivers of corporate sustainability; and much more.

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What does it mean to be in LEAD?

Global Compact LEAD is an exclusive group of sustainability leaders from across all regions and sectors that represent the cutting edge of the UN Global Compact. Participation in LEAD provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow sustainability champions, be recognized for commitment and sustainability efforts and ultimately, lead the way to a new era of sustainability.

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