Advance sustainability leadership through innovation and action.

The most engaged participants of the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative

Global Compact LEAD

Global Compact LEAD companies are recognized annually for demonstrating ongoing commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles for responsible business and advancing the Global Goals.

To guide the transformation of business everywhere, we need innovation, experimentation and collaboration. By bringing committed companies together with relevant experts and stakeholders in Action Platforms, the UN Global Compact provides a collaborative space to generate and implement advanced corporate sustainability practice. As a highly engaged part of the UN Global Compact, Global Compact LEAD companies are uniquely positioned to inspire widespread uptake of sustainability solutions among businesses around the world.

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What does it mean to be in LEAD?

Global Compact LEAD is a group of highly engaged companies from across all regions and sectors that represent the cutting edge of the UN Global Compact. Participation in the UN Global Compact at the LEAD-eligible level provides a unique opportunity to be recognized for commitment and sustainability efforts and ultimately, to lead the way to a new era of sustainability.

To be eligible for LEAD recognition, companies must:
  1. Be a participant in at least two Action Platforms, to demonstrate the company’s engagement with the UN Global Compact and commitment to defining and fostering leadership practices in line with the Ten Principles and Global Goals; and
  2. Submit or commit to submitting an Advanced Communication on Progress (Cop) — an annual sustainability report detailing progress on implementing the Ten Principles — within the same calendar year.

  • Launch of the annual list of Global Compact LEAD companies at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit
  • Opportunities to join the multi-stakeholder Expert Network and advise the UN Global Compact on programmatic priorities
  • Consideration for speaking opportunities at UN Global Compact events

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