Investing in Sustainability: Competitive Advantage for Crises Recovery


Many businesses are at a state of reaction in dealing with this unprecedented crisis and with most knee-jerk approaches, “non-essential” spending has been put on hold or seen budget cuts. Unfortunately, sustainability has been classified as non-essential within these companies hampering sustainability plans and potential future approaches. As such, companies need to be innovative to leverage the ESG benefits and opportunities for business to be bolder in their sustainability approach to emerge more resilient companies.

Join us for an exciting session designed to explore:

  • A macro overview of the impact of COVID-19 crisis to businesses, projection of mid and long-term impact
  • Why investing in sustainability will be a competitive advantage post crisis recovery, quantum of investment, accessibility to sustainability financing for funding
  • Key sustainability investment areas to accelerate business continuity plans, how sustainability initiatives may reshape the future of work post crisis
  • How Malaysian businesses can be sustainability stewards to inspire a new world post COVID-19, the role of CEOs/leaders in making sustainability linked decision