UN SDG Investment Fair


The 2019 United Nations SDG Investment Fair brings together governments, the private sector, and financial intermediaries to accelerate the mobilization of resources for the SDGs over two and a half days. The Fair provides a dynamic platform for the public and private sectors to discuss specific investment opportunities and critical policies and regulations that support closing the SDG investment gap.

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To explore new investment opportunities

Countries will present their investment frameworks, project pipelines, and other efforts to mobilize SDG investment.

To make use of unique networking opportunities

Networking and informal exchanges are a key element of the Fair. Participants can also arrange one-on-one meetings to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

To participate in peer learning

Stakeholders can participate in knowledge sharing and peer learning on mobilizing sustainable, long-term investment.

To help participate in international policy dialogue

Policy dialogues will cover critical issues related to SDG investing. There will also be space for presentations of relevant initiatives from the UN system and private sector companies.