SDG Investment Forum – Brazil

  • Overview

    Building on the work of the Global Compact Action Platform on Financial Innovation for the SDGs and Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative, the UN Global Compact, PRI, and UNEP FI will work with key partners on a series of regional SDG Investment Forums in 2019 to enhance dialogue at the local level between investors, companies, the UN and Governments on investments to advance the SDGs.

    Focusing on the unique opportunities, needs and challenges in Brazil, the SDG Investment Forum and resulting Roadmap will advance a dialogue on increasing private investments in SDG priority areas. This gathering will connect capital providers with impactful SDG investment opportunities and programs in order to help the private sector mobilize finance in support of local and regional SDG implementation. The Forums will feature initiatives across several sectors and asset classes, including local companies, foreign direct investment, debt instruments, and development finance.

    Discussions will explore how investors, financial institutions and companies are looking at SDG investments and what they see as the unique challenges and opportunities in Brazil.  Lastly, the Forum will highlight the roles of stock exchanges, development finance institutions and other local enablers in facilitating SDG investments for private investors in the local context.

    Participant Criteria

    The conference is by invitation only and is open to select representatives of actively engaged investors and companies with an SDG focus. Representatives from other stakeholder groups, including banks, non-governmental organizations, business associations, academic institutions, government and the United Nations, are welcome to attend. Clients and stakeholders working with one of our partner organizations (PIMCO, B3, Banco Itau) will be contacted directly. We will also reserve a segment for attendees who are working in an area related to innovative finance for the SDGs.

    For those meeting the criteria, please submit your invitation request to the organizer directly. We regret that due to space constraints we are unable to accommodate invitation requests from individuals who do not match the participant criteria outlined above.