Colombian Local Network's VIII Annual Congress Economy and Sustainability

  • Overview

    Global Compact Colombian Local Network's VIII Annual Congress Economy and Sustainability: the 2030 Agenda wager

    The Global Compact Colombian Local Network's Annual Congress is the most important sustainability event in the country. In this encounter business, Government, UN agencies, academy and civil society come together to share experiences, best practices and learnings about the SDGs implementation.

    In its VIIIth version, the Congress will focus on analyzing the connection between economy's performance and sustainability, on a national and regional level.



    Thursday May 3rd – 2018

    The 2030 Agenda, Global Compact’s role and local initiatives’ scalability

    • Opening and official welcoming
    • Principal speech: Economic growth and Sustainability
    • The Global Compact Colombian Local Network’s role in the 2030 Agenda implementation.
    • Human Rights and Economic development, the 2030 Agenda wager for “leaving no one behind”
    • Safe Environments in sustainable cities: peace, justice and security.
    • Habitability’s Challenges: Sustainable Cities Programme
    • Ensuring Food Safety: Sustainable Agriculture Promotion
    • Breaking Borders

    SDGs and Business Strategy

    • Action Platforms: SDG Leadership and Reporting

    Winners of the SDG Reward – Colombian Chapter

    Friday, May 4th – 2018

    Partnerships for Development

    • Publication release “First Year Building a Better World, SDG Agenda”
    • International Cooperation Agencies and their relation with the private sector in the promotion of economic development.
    • Environmental Principles promotion through strategic alliances
    • Corruption and its economic impacts: the role of alliances counteracting this phenomenon
    • Women’s Economic Empowerment key for development
    • Technology and Innovation: development catalysts
    • 2030 Agenda Financing
    • Responsible Investment Principles (PRI)
    • Social Impact Bonds
    • Financing Environmental protection
    • Sustainable Tourism for territorial economic development