Multinational Enterprises, Development and Decent Work

  • Overview

    This course looks at the potential of multinational enterprises (MNEs) and national enterprises to contribute to respect for labour rights and the achievement of decent work for all. It will introduce participants to the guidance set out in the tripartite declaration of principles concerning multinational enterprises and social policy (the "MNE Declaration") for enterprises, governments, employers and workers' organizations.


    The course will consist of three modules:

    Module I. MNEs, ILO instruments and other inter-governmental instruments and frameworks

    • The role of MNEs in economic and social development
    • Introduction to the ILO MNE Declaration
    • Other international instruments and frameworks: UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, UN Global Compact, OECD MNE Guidelines
    • Roles and challenges of enterprises, governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations in promoting responsible, sustainable, and inclusive business practices

    Module II. Workers’ rights and MNE impacts

    • Overview of rights set out in the MNE Declaration
    • Respecting workers’ rights: Company approaches and challenges
    • Government role: rule of law and law enforcement
    • Role of ILO constituents

    Module III. MNE contribution to sustainable development

    • Approach set out in the MNE Declaration
    • Investment promotion
    • Infrastructure development
    • Skills development, local hiring and training
    • Business linkages with local SMEs
    • Aligning government and company policies for sustainable development
    • Sectoral approaches
    • Tripartite consultations on policy discussion related to socio-economic development, FDI and operations of MNEs