Share how you are adapting to climate change.

How are you adapting to climate change?

If you’ve started to adapt your business to climate change realities, chances are you’ve learned something along the way. Maybe you’ve tried one strategy that didn’t work, or you discovered a simple way you could make a big difference. No matter how advanced (or not) your efforts are, it’s likely you’ve found it helpful to learn from others along the way. Collective knowledge can help accelerate solutions to serious risks to business and society posed by climate change.

Share Your Insights.

We want to hear about your strategies for adapting to climate change. What has worked well – and what hasn’t? Your examples can help others develop their own adaption strategies.

Companies are invited to:

1. Submit an adaptation case study through the Adaptation Case Study Submission Form and email it to

2. Convene a discussion at the national level to explore the climate change risks and opportunities in your area

3. Invite your Global Compact Local Network and other interested companies to explore with you how companies can implement national adaptation plans

The UN Global Compact will feature best practices, lessons learned and policy recommendations in a Caring for Climate report. This document will be released at the Caring for Climate Business Forum at the COP21 climate meetings in Paris in December 2015.

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