Action Platform

Business for Inclusion and Gender Equality

Transforming business to ensure that all people benefit from and are empowered to contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Why Business for Inclusion and Gender Equality?

Building a future where “no one is left behind” is central to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and a key objective of the associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, people around the world continue to face discrimination based on factors such as gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, age and disability, among others, limiting their prospects of benefiting from and contributing to sustainable development. As employers, investors, innovators and influencers, business has both a stake and a role to play in combating discrimination, promoting equal opportunity and helping to build social cohesion. Business for Inclusion and Gender Equality will explore the connection between diversity and inclusion performance and corporate sustainability leadership to help ensure that progress towards the SDGs narrows, rather than widens, inequality.

Take Action on Inclusion and Gender Equality

In collaboration with peers, experts and UN partners, participants will take action to:

  • Introduce and scale-up policies and practices informed by leading guidance, such as the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)
  • Adopt new strategies for creating systemic, cultural and behavioral change
  • Identify opportunities for partnership, collaboration and advocacy to tackle persistent barriers and drive inclusion within society, including at the country level
  • Explore the connection between diversity and inclusion performance and business’ contribution to the SDGs
Join the Business for Inclusion and Gender Equality platform and:
  • Launch new (or expand/strengthen existing) business policies, practices and strategies informed by leading guidance and with the support of experts and peers
  • Explore partnership and advocacy opportunities to advance inclusion, create opportunities for economically and socially excluded people and promote social cohesion
  • Amplify your company’s inclusion story
  • Help define and promote the importance of inclusion and diversity to corporate sustainability and the achievement of the SDGs

Platform Activities

Colloborative Learning
Compendium of Business Actions
Global Roadshow

Attend a series of in-person and virtual meetings on policies and practice, cultural and behavioral change and the enabling environment.

Demonstrate leadership by contributing to a compendium of business examples that will, together, demonstrate the spectrum of ways that business can help end discrimination and promote equal opportunity.

Showcase your company’s actions and help disseminate knowledge, good practice and lessons learned in collaboration with Global Compact Local Networks.

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