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Working to promote human rights can sometimes be challenging. To help address some of the main obstacles your company may face, the UN Global Compact invites you to participate in the Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum.

This online platform identifies good practice responses to 26 different dilemmas, including Conflict Minerals, Freedom of Speech, Human Trafficking, Living Wage and Privacy.

What the forum provides

  • An in-depth analysis of each topic, including an outline of the risks and impacts on human rights the dilemma poses
  • Suggestions for good practice
  • Case studies based on real-world examples
  • Interactive discussion forum where all stakeholders can share insights and suggest good practices

A number of the dilemmas contain training tools that allow stakeholders to learn about and deliver training on the dilemma theme in an interactive and engaging way.

The Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum is co-hosted by the UN Global Compact and Maplecroft, with the support of the GE Foundation.

Learn about the dilemmas at and join the conversation at

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