Sustainable Finance

Unlocking private capital and creating a market for mainstream investments for the SDGs

CFO Taskforce for the SDGs

Bringing together a multi-sector group of corporate finance leaders to develop innovative strategies to mobilize finance towards sustainable development

There is collective recognition from investors and Governments that corporations are uniquely positioned to reshape the future of corporate finance and investment as a catalyst for growth, value creation and social impact. As the stewards of trillions of dollars in corporate finance, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have a critical role to play in ensuring that companies’ financial strategies are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UN Global Compact is convening a taskforce of CFOs to provide a platform to interact with their peers, investors, financial institutions, and the United Nations to share ideas, develop new concepts and frameworks, and provide recommendations to unlock private capital and create a market to mainstream SDG investments.

Why You Should Join

As part of the CFO Taskforce, you will work with peers on a programme of activities that create tremendous impact for companies globally and empowers them to contribute meaningfully to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Create a set of guiding principles

Establish guiding principles and best practices for SDG-aligned corporate finance and investment opportunities

Pioneer financial innovation to drive value

Develop innovative financial instruments and create a broad market of diversified investment opportunities in the SDGs

Share outputs with stakeholder

Communicate ideas with investors, policymakers and other stakeholders in securing the financial capital needed to finance the SDGs at scale

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Participation is reserved for companies participating in the UN Global Compact and is organized in two levels of engagement:

CFO Taskforce
Expert Group Level

The CFO Taskforce is reserved for CFOs or equivalent corporate officers. CFOs who join the Taskforce in 2019 will be recognized as Founding Members and will play a key role in shaping the broad agenda and work programme. CFOs will be representatives of the overall initiative and provide high-level direction and input on the work programme.

The Expert Group will be composed of representatives from participating companies in various functional roles including sustainability, finance and accounting. Representatives should be subject matter experts in corporate finance and have a good sense of sustainable development activities at their companies. They should also have the ability to influence internal decisions on SDG-related investments. The Expert Group will contribute technical expertise and support for the CFOs, and participate directly in research and consultation activities.

CFO Principles on Integrated SDG Investments and Finances

A step-by-step approach to integrate the SDGs in Corporate Finance


Produced in consultation with over 40 stakeholders, the CFO Principles supplement the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles to support companies in the transition to sustainable development and to leverage corporate finance and investments toward the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Please find below the signatories of the CFO Principles

Join the CFO Taskforce for the SDGs and take part in shaping the future of sustainable finance today.

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