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Business for Humanitarian Action

Explore opportunities and create innovative solutions to support people displaced by conflict.

Why Humanitarian Action?

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 80 per cent of humanitarian crises are now linked to conflict. Due to the scale, complexity, duration and recurring nature of today’s humanitarian crises, we need Government, the UN, civil society and business to work together. Business can play an important role to help alleviate the suffering of people living in conflict-affected areas as well as those in recipient countries who have been forced to flee their homes. For example, investment and innovation in areas such as education and health can help improve lives. Responsible business can also provide employment opportunities and technological connectivity that enable people to progress and engage in society.

Support Humanitarian Action

The platform will help define and drive business leadership in support of conflict-affected people by developing guidance, supporting global advocacy efforts and fostering innovative solutions. Participants will identify concrete and effective ways to support displaced people in recipient countries, as well as vulnerable populations in conflict and post-conflict countries while further integrating sustainable development into their business operations.

Join the Business for Humanitarian Action platform to:
  • Better understand business impacts on people affected and displaced by conflict
  • Define a leadership framework for corporate action
  • Explore new partnerships with business, the UN, Global Compact Local Networks, Governments, civil society and other thought-leaders at the forefront of humanitarian action
  • Show business leadership in the implementation of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants
  • Gain recognition for your company’s efforts to support humanitarian action

Platform Activities

Over the course of two years, participants of the Business for Humanitarian Action platform will have exclusive access to a series of curated content and activities including:

Knowledge series
Local-level Stakeholder Dialogues
Framework for Corporate Action

Through a series of in-person sessions and webinars, establish how business can support people affected and displaced by conflict, and identify the most effective and innovative ways to address the needs of displaced people.

Join local workshops to evaluate the humanitarian landscape and explore the role of the private sector in addressing specific humanitarian needs. These dialogues also aim to facilitate partnerships between companies and humanitarian actors to develop and scale-up business models, products or services that support people in conflict-affected countries and address the needs of displaced people in recipient countries.

Support the development of a guidance resource that provides a framework for companies to take action in support of conflict-affected people. Leadership case studies will also be developed and featured.


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