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Health is Everyone's Business

Explore how business can drive sustainable change to the future of health & well-being.

Why is Health Everyone’s Business?

How we live, eat, work, play and organize our communities has an impact on our climate, health and wellbeing. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages (SDG 3) require that we embrace the complexity and interconnectedness of the challenges facing the planet and its people. Equitable access to clean water, clean air, healthy and nutritious food, and affordable quality healthcare are underlying drivers for long term health and well-being, as is the opportunity to live in health-promoting communities – in cities, schools and workplaces. Long-term health contributes to poverty alleviation, sustains social and economic development and is a prerequisite for educational attainment. This makes health everyone’s business.

Take Action on Health and Well-being

With the UN Global Compact’s Health is Everyone’s Business Action Platform we are convening a broad coalition of leading businesses, UN, academic and civil society partners to set a global business agenda for SDG 3 and make good health for all a corporate goal. Participants will get the opportunity to provide input to a Framework for Business Action on SDG 3 that the UN Global Compact will make available to its 13,000 signatories. The Framework will support a principled approach for how business can take action to improve their positive health and well-being imprint in the workplace, market place and community, how to set targets and report on progress. The coalition will engage in global and national communications outreach, promoting corporate responsibility for the future of health and well-being with a special focus on the third UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases convened by the World Health Organization in 2018.

Join the Health & Well-being platform to:
  • Connect to a diverse network of businesses, thought leaders and experts to define corporate responsibility for SDG 3
  • Shape and test a set of guiding principles for how to take action on SDG 3
  • Identify new collective impact and partner opportunities at the intersection of SDG 3 and your core business capabilities

Platform Activities

Over the course of a year, participants in the Health is Everyone’s Business platform will have exclusive access to a series of curated content and activities including:

Drive corporate responsibility for

Get the latest insights and policy briefs about the link between health and well-being and sustainable development, and use it to set the agenda for corporate responsibility for SDG 3 within your organization, sector and in the wider business community.

Develop a Framework for Business Action

Shape a set of practical and simple guiding principles for how to promote health and well-being in the workplace, market place and community by minimizing negative impacts and accelerating positive impacts. Contribute with best practice examples, and pilot the Framework.

Participate in Collective Learning and Impact

Explore collective impact opportunities and partnerships for health and well-being and curate a series of Collective Impact Opportunity Maps for SDG 3.

Platform Partners

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    RELX Group plc Media United Kingdom
    Safaricom Limited Mobile Telecommunications Kenya
    Impossible Foods Food Producers United States of America
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology United States of America
    Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology United States of America