Delisted Participants

The following participants have been delisted for failure to communicate progress in accordance with the COP Policy by the required deadline.

Total number of delisted participants: 15020

Participant Sector Type Country Expelled
Pt El John Istana Resort Travel & Leisure SME Indonesia 2010/01/01
Pt El John Publishing Travel & Leisure SME Indonesia 2010/01/01
Pt El John Putra Sriwijaya Travel & Leisure SME Indonesia 2010/01/01
Nawdar Transit and Guide Tourist Travel & Leisure SME Djibouti 2020/03/31
Instituto de Asuntos Culturales, Espana Not Applicable Not Applicable Spain 2022/04/05
SIS (societe ivorienne de sécurité) Support Services SME Cote d'Ivoire 2018/10/24
PT Global Rising Technologies Perkasa Electronic & Electrical Equ... SME Indonesia 2011/10/30
PT Golden Citra Dinamika Automobiles & Parts SME Indonesia 2011/03/05
PT Indonesia Musik Televisi Media SME Indonesia 2010/08/13
Albabtain Leblanc Emirates Telecommun... Fixed Line Telecommunications Company United Arab ... 2018/08/25