Delisted Participants

The following participants have been delisted for failure to communicate progress in accordance with the COP Policy by the required deadline.

Total number of delisted participants: 13850

Participant Sector Type Country Expelled
Conacon C.A. Construction & Materials SME Colombia 2011/01/01
Constructora Val y Lor Construction & Materials SME Venezuela 2011/01/01
Corporación JL Serracín, S.A. General Industrials SME Panama 2008/06/16
Corrugadora Centro S.A. Forestry & Paper SME Argentina 2010/03/18
DB Exit International Software & Computer Services SME Cameroon 2006/02/07
E.E.C. Di Ing. Santi Curro Construction & Materials SME Italy 2009/05/16
EDHEC Business School Not Applicable Not Applicable France 2016/10/31
Cooperativa Empresa Solidaria de Salu... Health Care Equipment & Ser... Company Colombia 2018/06/28
Exima General Industrials SME Denmark 2015/05/13
Espacios Ir, S.A. de C.V. Real Estate Investment & Se... SME Mexico 2021/02/08