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Delisted Participants

The following participants have been delisted for failure to communicate progress in accordance with the COP Policy by the required deadline.

Total number of delisted participants: 7607

Participant Sector Country Expelled
Mediapro Ltd. Media Moldova, Rep... 2014/06/22
Moncord Savings and Credit Union Financial Services Mongolia 2012/03/23
Tender Magazine Media Belarus 2012/06/27
1 Brandgood Partners Support Services United Kingdom 2017/12/27
1 Tabelionato de Notas e Protestos de... General Industrials Brazil 2008/07/06
1A Ingenieros, S.L. Support Services Spain 2011/03/01
1st Global Property Management Real Estate Investment & Se... Philippines 2006/06/20
2 FAF shpk Construction & Materials Albania 2012/01/24
2Moro SAS Aerospace & Defense France 2011/08/27
3 Suisses International General Retailers France 2014/01/04