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Delisted Participants

The following participants have been delisted for failure to communicate progress in accordance with the COP Policy by the required deadline.

Total number of delisted participants: 11540

Participant Sector Type Country Expelled
Elejor - Centrais Eletricas do Rio Jo... Gas, Water & Multiutilities SME Brazil 2018/12/09
Indica Assessoria e Servicos Ltda. Electricity Company Brazil 2018/12/17
Aromaparis Food Producers SME France 2019/02/13
Happy Holidays Travel & Tours Co., Ltd Travel & Leisure SME Myanmar 2018/12/09
Mango Marketing Services Company Limited Media SME Myanmar 2018/08/30
Uniunea Ziaristilor Profesionisti - UZP Not Applicable Not Applicable Romania 2018/10/29
Petrochemical Industries Company Chemicals Company Kuwait 2018/08/15
COPsync Support Services SME United State... 2018/12/16
Lubeco AS Chemicals SME Norway 2014/10/11
Slakteriet AS Food Producers SME Norway 2014/11/04