2002 Sustainability Report

  • 2003/10/23
Time period
  • January 2002  –  December 2003
  • In response to the Global Compact''s expectation that participants will communicate their progress in implementing the 9 Global Compact principles, Nexen has taken a leadership role in areas critical to our long-term business success - including being accountable to stakeholders, shareholders and the environment.

    As part of our company''s commitment to the Global Compact, Nexen is in the detailed planning phase for implementing a joint water and sanitation management program in Yemen in partnership with the UN. In addition, Nexen played a key role in the Global Compact Policy Dialogue on "The Role of the Private Sector in Zones of Conflict". Nexen co-chaired a multistakeholder working group which developed the "Global Compact Business Guide to Conflict Impact Assessment and Risk Management". The goal of this Business Guide is to aid companies in developing strategies that minimize the negative effects and maximize the positive effects of investing in areas of conflict or potential conflict. In this sense, it can assist managers in determining when underlying tensions and conflicts might escalate to violent confrontations between groups or communities; and ensure that their actions and decisions do not exacerbate them.

    As outlined in our attached sustainability report, Nexen has made significant progress against our social and environmental objectives in the areas covered by the UN Global Compact. Throughout our operations we are committed to the principles of corporate citizenship.

Principles covered
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