Solutions through cooperation - Statoil and sustainable development 2004

  • 2005/08/09
Time period
  • January 2004  –  December 2004
  • Statoil undertook the following actions to communicate with stakeholders on its progress in implementing the Global Compact principles

    Statoil reports its value creation along a triple bottom line - economic performance, environmental impact and effect on society - in its report on sustainable development: "Solutions through cooperation - Statoil and sustainable development 2004". The report contains an overview over where the different Global Compact principles are addressed on page 66. The report on sustainable development has been prepared in accordance with the 2002 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines and contains a GRI Index on page 64.

    The first section of the report (pages 2 to 13) gives an overview over Statoil''s values and management systems, including business ethics and the company''s efforts in the field of transparency.

    Statoil''s performance with regard to labour rights and employee issues is addressed on pages 14-23, where the company''s attitude and performance in areas such as industrial relations, competence development, health, safety and working environment is outlined.

    Human rights are adressed in the section on social performance (pages 48-59), where they are discussed in the context of international challenges and Statoil''s new strategy on corporate social responsibility.

    Statoil''s environmental policy and performance is discussed the section on "The ennvironment", on pages 32-47. Climate change is recognised as an important challenge, and efforts in the field of biological diversity, product stewardship and new energy are also highlighted.

    Ernst & Young conducted a review of the report in order to substantiate its contents. Details on this review can be found on page 67 of the report, including the basis of the review and conclusions from Ernst & Young.

    For Statoil, dialogue with stakeholders opens opportunities to respond to objections and suggestions by adapting its operations. The report provides examples of stakeholder dialogue, such as environmentalist, Norwegian authorities, customers and suppliers throughouot the report. There is a special section on stakeholder relations on page 53, where Statoil''s corporate agreement with the UNDP is described.

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