Ricoh's Progress on the GC Principles; Human rights, Labour & Environment

  • 2004/07/20
Time period
  • January 2002  –  December 2002


    After an early period of searching, Ricoh has grown in confidence as a member of the Global Compact. In particular we have drawn inspiration from fellow members such as Novartis who have managed to integrate the Compact principles into every aspect of their corporate lives. This realization has energized us and renewed our commitment to share experiences and practices with other companies and more fully exploit the resource that is the Global Compact.


    In 1992 Ricoh introduced its General Principles on the Environment to outline its vision for a sustainable future. In 1994 Ricoh launched The Comet Circle, a concept for realizing a society that recirculates resources. This system includes not only Ricoh affiliated companies, recycling companies and suppliers, but also customers and society at large. The idea is to urge all entities within the ever expanding Comet Circle to adopt a sustainable way of life for the greater good. Ricoh has continuously communicated its progress on environmental issues through its website and the Ricoh Group Sustainability Report. Currently on the environmental front Ricoh is actively improving environmental functions and promoting technological development in product lines.


    To promote its own sustainability and contribute to the development of a sustainable society, the Ricoh Group established a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Division in January 2003. This division supervises all the departments involved in activities directed at fulfilling the Ricoh Group''s CSR, including environmental conservation and other issues connected to the Global Compact.



    By 2004 the Comet Circle has grown considerably and gone through many stages of refinement, resulting in an integral sustainable management structure that Ricoh shares with suppliers and customers. Out of this system for example grew Ricoh Zero Waste to the Landfill achievement at all its manufacturing plants worldwide. The Comet Circle also encouraged a more environmentally conscious approach to design, as well as advanced recycling during the manufacturing stage as well as reducing environmental impact. One recent result of this is the new imagio Neo 752-62 series of digital copiers boast the highest level of energy saving in the 60-75 ppm category.


    The CSR Division established the "Ricoh Group CSR Charter" to be shared globally by the Ricoh group and the "Ricoh Group Code of Conduct" to be adopted by group members as a mind set and behavior guide, both of which were instituted on January 1, 2004. More details can be found in our website (

    Regarding the Environment Activities, please refer to the Ricoh Group Sustainability Report (Environment) 2003 at the URL.

    In addition as of this year, 2004, Ricoh will report all its activities under a single umbrella "Sustainability Report", in three parts: Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Economy. This will serve to tie everything we do to the goal of sustainability as well as challenging us to achieve more.

Principles covered
  • Principle 1 - Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
  • Principle 2 - Make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses
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